About QuoteNotes

Inspiration, Motivation and Positivity Comes In Many Different Faces and Races

The Beginning Journey
The idea for QuoteNotes was originally founded in November of 2006. We then created a landing site in 2010. After slowly working on the QuoteNotes project and several years thereafter - in 2015 we decided to dedicate more time to QuoteNotes. Now we are working hard to bring it all to life for everyone to experience and enjoy. It is a very inspiring project to be a part of and we are beyond excited to bring something special and unique to the world of social media. The most exciting part of all is our new Beta site and Mobile App is coming soon!

What Is QuoteNotes?
QuoteNotes™ is a unique social network community unlike any other. Our mission is to bring Inspiration, Motivation and Positivity to People from all walks of life from around the world - where People can create, share and inspire each other in many creative ways through Inspiring Quotes and stories. User/Members will be able to do this securely on our website and Mobile App through their preferred Social Media account such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus. In addition, User/Members can share their Video and Image Quotes, along with their Inspiring and Motivating Stories on their favorite Social Media accounts very easily. All of these features and many more will be available to all User/Members on our new Beta website and Mobile App - coming soon! In addition, QuoteNotes is NOT here to compete against any Social Media. On the contrary, we are here to compliment and enhance Social Media in many creative ways - through Inspiring Quotes and Stories shared by all User/Members of our website and mobile app.

The Importance Of Respect And Kindness On Social Media
In today's hostile "social" media environment things are not very social with many People around the world. Not to mention the negative media that is constantly fed to us daily. The ones most vulnerable to all of this negativity on social media and the media, in general, are children. Children are most easily influenced by all kinds of negative media and it can be very damaging to them in many ways. The worst part of this is the online bullying that takes place on social media every day. This kind of online negativity is not social by any means. It has traumatized and caused many People from all ages around the world to experience severe depression and even worse, suicide. QuoteNotes will work hard to change the many negative faces of social media through positive inspiration, motivation and creativity, every day! 

Unlike other social media sites, QuoteNotes will be like a very fine restaurant. All User/Members are expected to honor the Terms of Use and act accordingly when interacting with other User/Members on our site and Mobile App. Our website and Mobile App will not allow any form of negative posts that represent hate, insults, or threats - whether personal, political or religious in nature. In addition, QuoteNotes will not allow any negative or hateful news, speeches, pornography, or anything offensive in any form of media on its website and Mobile App. The world has enough negativity. And, just like any fine restaurant we want everyone to enjoy their experience on our social network community. Although we respect Freedom of Speech - there is no room for insults, negativity and hate on QuoteNotes. We can all do better - that is our motto.

Consider us your Social Media Sanctuary for Inspiration and Positivity. Maintaining a secure and positive social media environment for all User/Members of our website and Mobile App is paramount.

People From All Walks Of Life Are Welcome 
User/Members from all walks of life and cultures from around the world will be able to interact, share and create their favorite inspiring Quotes on our social network community. Sharing Inspiring Quotes and creating your own, in many different ways, will make QuoteNotes a truly unique social media experience. This is only the beginning. We are adding new innovative features to QuoteNotes and VideoQuotes for the new Beta and Mobile App coming soon. QuoteNotes is a truly unique social media platform and we are very excited to be a part of this amazing project! 

Unity Is The Key For The Better Of All Humanity 
Uniting People on Social Media through creativity, positivity and inspiring Quotes is what we are all about!

The World Needs More Positive Inspiration 
We all need great Inspiration and motivation in life! People from all ages and nations can join QuoteNotes to inspire each other in many creative ways - and now more than ever the world needs more inspiration and positivity.

Goal and Mission
Our goal and mission is to bring inspiration and positivity to social media in every way we can, in many different ways. This is one of the main reasons why we created QuoteNotes. We will bring inspiration, motivation and positivity to People from all walks of life and cultures from around the world, through our social network community, every day! It’s not just about how successful we can be, it’s about how successful we can be in making a difference in People’s lives.

We look forward to inspiring the best in all of us.  “Kindness and mutual respect for each other is FREE in this world - we should all use it often.”  - QuoteNotes 

Thank you very much for taking the time to read about QuoteNotes. We look forward to having You join us in this amazing and inspiring journey.  Have a wonderful day! 

- The QuoteNotes Team -